Far Across the Ocean

Genre: Historical Romance The answers to her past and present lie far across the ocean...December 1913. Clara Thornton won't allow being jilted at the altar to squash her spirit. Against the wishes of her aunt and uncle, Clara decides to travel to Madagascar to learn more about the tragic shipwreck that took the lives of… Continue reading Far Across the Ocean

Beamer Street

Finding Friends on Beamer Street, #1

Genre: Historical Fiction, Women's Fiction, Saga Liverpool 1921Pregnant, Mary Jane Starlings secret wedding to Paddy Redfern ends in disaster when her fiancé is murdered on the way to the church. Paddy’s wayward twin ‘Red’ intercepts Mary Jane and warns that they must flee Ireland for fear of reprisals from her family, never to return.Too young… Continue reading Finding Friends on Beamer Street, #1


The Highland Girls at War

Genre: Historical Fiction, Women's Fiction, Saga Can the Highland girls prove everyone wrong? Don’t miss this poignant and heartwarming WW2 novel for fans of Rosie Clarke, Dilly Court and Rosie Archer, from the author of A Wartime Secret. Scotland, 1942.The Lumberjills, the newest recruits in the Women’s Timber Corps, arrive in the Scottish Highlands to a… Continue reading The Highland Girls at War


The Girl with the Emerald Flag

Genre Historical Fiction, Women's Fiction, Saga A country rebellingIt’s 1916 and, as war rages in Europe, Gráinne leaves her job in a department store to join Countess Markiewicz’s revolutionary efforts. It is a decision which will change her life forever. A rebellion is brewing, and as Dublin’s streets become a battleground, Gráinne soon discovers the… Continue reading The Girl with the Emerald Flag


The Orphans of Berlin

Genre: Historical Fiction A heartbreaking World War 2 novel that tells the story of two women’s fight for love, family and hope, as the world crumbles around them. Based on the true story of the Kindertransport rescue from Nazi-occupied Europe.Berlin, 1936. The Landau family are at the heart of their community, running a music shop in… Continue reading The Orphans of Berlin


Them Romper Girls

Genre: Women's Fiction, Domestic Fiction They were beauties all right, them Roper girls - but sometimes even four aces don't make a winning hand. In an unsettled household in the 1950s, how will the sisters come up from their shipwrecked childhood? Facing issues including domestic and sexual abuse, physical and mental illness, they struggle to… Continue reading Them Romper Girls


Jacqueline in Paris

Genre: Memoir, Historical Fiction In August 1949 Jacqueline Bouvier arrives in postwar Paris to begin her junior year abroad. She’s twenty years old, socially poised but financially precarious, and all too aware of her mother’s expectations that she make a brilliant match. Before relenting to family pressure, she has one year to herself far away… Continue reading Jacqueline in Paris


The Scam

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Crime Fiction No one can be trusted….Amongst the wealth and glitter of St Tropez, Sky Kennedy is living her best life, with the perfect man by her side. Rich and gorgeous, Karim has shown her a world she could have barely imagined, and she doesn’t want it to end.So when Karim suddenly… Continue reading The Scam

Royal Maids

Victoria and Violet, #1

Historical Romance, Regency Romance, Victorian When Violet Parker is told she will be Queen Victoria’s personal housemaid, she cannot believe her good fortune. She finally has the chance to escape her overbearing mother, a servant to the Duchess of Kent. Violet hopes to explore who she is and what the world has to offer without… Continue reading Victoria and Violet, #1

Goodwill House

The Land Girls of Goodwill House, #4

Genre: Historical Fiction, Women's Fiction, Saga August 1940As Autumn approaches, Lady Joanna Harcourt is preparing for new guests at Goodwill House - land girls, Sally, Daphne and Charlie.Sally, a feisty blonde from the East End, has never seen a cow before, but she’s desperate to escape London and her horrible ex, Dennis. And although the… Continue reading The Land Girls of Goodwill House, #4