Her Inconvenient Christmas Reunion

Genre: Harlequin Romance, Contemporary Romance

Can a mistletoe kiss…

…heal the past?

When Zayn walks back into Izzy’s life, years after he was forced to walk out of it, she’s faced with the undeniable attraction that’s never faded. Finding themselves co-owners of the vineyard that means so much to Izzy makes tensions run high! But then she’s seduced into a kiss under the Parisian Christmas lights… Can Izzy find it in her heart to forgive the man who once broke it?

From Harlequin Romance: Be swept away by glamorous and heartfelt love stories.

256 pages

Published November 10th 2020

(Harlequin Romance Larger Print)

First Impression

Set in 3rd person Her Inconvenient Christmas Reunion gives the viewpoints of both Zayn and Izzy. The story jumps straight in with the viewpoint of Zayn, he is holding the note his Late great-aunt has left… With the simple words “You need each other” on it. Having lehaving him the Stackhouse Winery on the condition that he shares it with the woman he left 5 years ago…Izzy.

Being the holiday season the reader meets izzy as she is doing a Santa’s grotto in the tasting room. Mr Reyes, the man who she asked to play the part of Santa is very drunk so she has to come up with a plan B.

Seeing no other option she puts on a elf outfit while her friend, Paula tends to Me Reyes in the kitchen. Heading into the children she is met with a resounding frown. Feeling the event ended in failure as no one wanted to take a picture with an elf she wants nothing more than to take the outfit off and chuck it in the bin. The door suddenly opens to reveal Zayn, she is surprised and wonders how things can get worse.

Old feelings so begin to rise to the surface again. Leaving Izzy devastated when Zayn offers to by her share of the winery.

How will everything turn out…only time will tell.

Rating: 3.5 out of 4.

Her Inconvenient Christmas Reunion tells the story of Izzy and Zayn. It is well written with a charming plot where old flames reunited with a charming holiday twist.

The characters of Her Inconvenient Christmas Reunion were were easy to fall in love with sizzling chemistry between the main characters. Realistic issues and an well thought out description helped to transport the reader in the story from the start. I like how the characters didn’t rush and focused on renewing their friendship before things progress further.

I would recommend Her Inconvenient Christmas Reunion to anyone who loves a second chance romance with steamy makeout scenes. The story provides you with the opportunity to set the mood for the Christmas Holiday.


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