Once Upon A Fairytale

Fairytale Christmas with the Millionaire, #3

He thinks he has it all…

…until he meets his spirited Cinderella!

Under threat of eviction, Alina Martin finds herself making a deal with infamous CEO Graham Toliver. He may be used to getting what he wants, but Alina’s not going to back down. Yet as Alina gets to know Graham, she realizes that there is more to the charming CEO than she initially thought—could their arrangement lead to her happily-ever-after in time for Christmas?


256 pages

Published December 1st 2020

(Harlequin Romance)

First Impression

Fairytale Christmas with the Millionaire is set in 3rd person, giving the viewpoints of both Alina and Graham.

The story begins with Alina Martin, who loves Christmas. Seeing the festive lights decorating store fronts. Alina is at home, trying to find her apron so she can head to work. She recalls her day the previous day, and she soon finds it.

As she is Heading out, she notices her friend, Meg near the mailboxes holding a letter and frowning. She finds out that the new owner is willing to pay all the tenants extra money to leave before the new year.

Alina and Meg talk about the possibility of protesting against the new owner before they part ways. Turning around Alina bumps into a man and apologises as she leaves to head to work.

Graham is annoyed that he overheard the two women talking about him. He is here to speak to the building manager, little does he know it is the woman he laid eyes on earlier. He heads to the Christmas cafe to find the manager after a man directs him to go there.

Alina arrives at the cafe in time to help her manager before it starts to get busy. Alina is approached by a co-worker saying that someone is asking for her. She goes out to the table and sees the man she bumped into. They begin to talk and when she finds out he is the new owner. After Graham arranges a dinner meeting for later that evening they exchange numbers before he leaves.

Will Alina be able to change Graham’s mind about the eviction?

Rating: 3.5 out of 4.

Fairytale Christmas with the Millionaire is loosely based on Cinderella. It is descriptive, well written and easy to follow. The plot shares a heartwarming tale finding love around the christmas season.

The characters development of Fairytale Christmas with the Millionaire is very good. I was able to form a connection with the characters, especially how Alina was able to become a stronger individual. There is a lot of chemistry between the main characters, Alina and Graham.

I would recommend reading Fairytale Christmas with the Millionaire to thoheartwarming heartwarming romances around the Christmas holidays. I really enjoyed reading this story and look forward to the next book in the series.

5 thoughts on “Fairytale Christmas with the Millionaire, #3

    1. Your welcome I have loved reading Mills & Boons/Harlequin books since I was 11 and really enjoyed Reading Fairytale Christmas with the Millionaire. 😃😃 Happy Holidays to you too🎄🎄


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