The North Star

A Beautiful Fall, #2

He resists putting down roots. Fear keeps her planted in place. By opening their hearts, they could offer each other the world.

Nina Pettit left behind fame and trauma when she moved from Boston to Polaris, Utah. She changed her last name and went into hiding to enjoy a quiet life. Instead of performing on stage as a professional cellist, she now teaches music to children. When a handsome traveling private duty nurse arrives to care for Nina’s elderly neighbor, she finds herself drawn to the charming man.

Colin Moynahan’s rough boxing days are long behind him. His job as a private duty nurse allows him to travel the world. While working in Polaris, he’s introduced to Nina, and an attraction ignites. As he learns about her past, he promises to care and protect her for as long as his temporary stay in Polaris allows.

But when innocent flirtation turns to deeper feelings, the lines between them blur. Colin has resisted establishing roots while Nina’s fear keeps her firmly planted. As threats to Nina reappear in the form of the man she’d help send to jail, Colin returns to fighting mode, willing to sacrifice it all for the woman he loves.

Kindle Edition

275 pages

Published March 9th 2021

Warning: Mention of stalking, kidnapping, and brief remembered physical abuse. If you or someone you know has suffered from these issues PLEASE SEEK HELP FROM PROFESSIONALS!

First Impression

A Beautiful Fall is set in the 3rd person, giving the viewpoints of both Colin and Nina.

The Reader is introduced to Colin. For the past 8 week he has been catching waves and relaxing on the beaches around Santa Barbara. Now his schedule for the next 2 months is fixed on his work as a private duty nurse. Driving in his rented car, he drives over the freeway on the mountain pass until he reached his destination, the resort. Having skipped breakfast, he travels to the downtown area to grab refreshments before settling in the hotel…

The Reader is introduced to Nina, who is a local resident of Polaris. She is unable to get Colin out of her mind, having met him at the bakery…

What will happen?

Rating: 3 out of 4.

I have to say that I am in love with the cover of A Beautiful Fall it looks amazing!

A Beautiful Fall is a fast paced heartbreaking romance that is detailed and easy to follow. I thought that it was well written, a compelling read that I was unable to put down.

I like how Winter has included the characters from This Christmas. A Beautiful Fall has good flow and plot with likeable characters that made the story come together. A Beautiful Fall can be read as a Stand-Alone.

The character development of A Beautiful Fall is good. The main characters are strong with great chemistry throughout. Colin know that Nina is his from the moment he sees her, I liked this straightforward attitude.

I would recommend reading A Beautiful Fall to lovers of Romance, as the suspense is sizzling…it is a book you won’t forget in a hurry!

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