The Blue Orchid Society

Inventing Vivian, #2

Ladies of London’s High Society are known for their social graces and poise. Vivian Kirby boasts neither of these enviable qualities, though she does offer impressive conversation on chemical compositions. Unfortunately, it appears that not many men want a brilliant wife. So it is that Vivian finds kinship with a group of young women who embrace each other’s differences: The Blue Orchid Society.

After an extended stay in China, Lord Benedict has returned transformed to his family’s estate, where an encounter with Vivian, whose scientific knowledge he once undermined, leaves him determined to make amends. He arranges to help forward her research—anonymously, of course. Through letters, Vivian establishes a warm friendship with her secret benefactor, even as she’s unexpectedly drawn into a murder investigation that forces her to work alongside Benedict to unearth the truth. Soon, Vivian fears she may be falling in love with two men, never suspecting that they are one and the same.

Kindle Edition

Published June 7th 2021

(Covenant Communications)

First Impression

Inventing Vivian is set in the 3rd person. The viewpoints of Vivian Kirby and Lord Benedict is given.

The reader is introduced to Vivian via a prologue in the year 1873. Vivian is attending the ball of the Marchioness of Molyneaux, as she has for the past 7 years. After dancing with Lord Hastings, she allows herself to be led to the edge of the ballroom. Vivian receives a curt bow before Lord Hastings makes a quick get away….

Victim’s Aunt Winifred joins her and Vivian explains that she has yet again frightened another potential suitor with inappropriate conversation topic… Taking a stroll through the garden Winifred lightly explains that she has to try and stop with the scientific conversations and speak about more appropriately subjects…

I am looking forward to reading Inventing Vivian and can’t wait to see what happens next!

Rating: 3 out of 4.

Inventing Vivian is a detailed well thought out story that has a good flow and fun plot. I would unable to put it down…

I like how Moore has included the technology of the Victorian era and given a Chinese element that was a refreshing twist to the story….

The character development of Inventing Vivian is good. The characters are interesting and realistic. Vivian is a strong female character that is driven by science and unafraid to be herself. Benedict is a selfless, forward-thinking gentleman that show a softer and caring side to his nature. The chemistry between them is a slow and warming…

I would recommend reading Inventing Vivian to lovers of Historical Romance, as it is a charming sweet romance that is engaging with a great support system from friends and family as well as the women in society…

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