With Face Aflame

Genre: Historical Fiction, Young Adult

seventeen-year-old Madge is lonely as she spends her days serving guests and cleaning rooms in the inn her father keeps.

One day, she meets an unusual minstrel in the marketplace. Moved by the beauty of his song and the odd shape of his body, she realizes she has made her first friend. But he must go on to the next town, leaving her behind. Soon after, while she herself is singing in the woods, she is startled by a chance meeting with a stranger there. Though the encounter leaves her horribly embarrassed, it proves she need not remain unnoticed and alone forever.

However, this new hope is shattered when she overhears a few quiet words that weren’t intended for her ears. Heartbroken and confused, she flees her home to join the minstrel and his companion, a crass juggler. As they travel earning their daily bread, Madge secretly seeks to rid herself of the mark upon her cheek, convinced that nothing else can heal her heart.

Set in England in 1681, With Face Aflame is the tale of a girl who risks everything in hopes of becoming the person she desperately wants to be.

Kindle Edition

217 pages

Published April 13th 2018

First Impression

With Face Aflame is set in the 1st person. The viewpoint of Madge is given.

The reader is introduced to Madge in the year 1681. The bell rings alerting Madge to the guests. At the door of the Trivington Madge dips into a shallow curtsy before greeting a couple. Silence greets her in return and stretches until Madge looks up to see the man smirking at her as if the birthmark on her face amused him.

The man ends up overpaying saying that she can keep the change before Madge shows them to a room…

I am looking forward to seeing what will happen next in With Face Aflame

Rating: 3 out of 4.

With Face Aflame is a detailed well thought out story that is easy to follow. I was gripped by the first page!

I like how Walnofer has transported the reader into the past with a realistic plot that is well researched. The reader learns of the daily life of running an inn and later life as a minstrel after Madge travels and sings for food with her new friends…The plot reminded me a few times of Wizard of Oz

The character development of With Face Aflame is good. The characters are likeable and relatable. Madge is a caring and funny person who faces prejudice and feelings of been unloved due to her appearance…she limits herself as she is self-conscious about her birthmark!

I would recommend reading With Face Aflame to lovers of Historical Fiction and Young Adult, as it is a engaging coming of age story that is heart warming and emotional. The story gives the wonderful message of finding self-acceptance and self-discovery through friendship and believing in yourself!

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