Beauty and the Reclusive Millionaire

Genre: Mills & Boons, Harlequin Romance, Contemporary Romance

An unforgettable Greek escape…
with the man she never forgot!
A-list actress Catherine Wilde has it all, but behind closed doors she is fighting personal battles. So the chance to escape to the private Greek island of her best friend’s brother, Alaric, offers the tranquility she craves. Except seeing Alaric again sets her heart rate soaring. Life might have changed him, but he can still make her feel alive—and when the torch she once held for him reignites, it’s impossible to ignore!

Kindle Edition

207 pages

Published 9th December 2021

(Mills & Boon True Love)

First Impression

Beauty and the Reclusive Millionaire is set in the 3rd person. The viewpoints of Catherine Wilde and Alaric de Vere are given.

The reader is introduced into the story by Catherine as she arrives on the Greek island that she plans to make her home for the next month. Catherine is hoping to take a chance to relax away from the perils of life as an award-winning actress…what she doesn’t expect what will happen when she eventually comes face to face with its owner, Alaric de Vere….

I am looking forward to reading Beauty and the Reclusive Millionaire and can’t wait to find out what happens next!

Rating: 3 out of 4.

Beauty and the Reclusive Millionaire is a detailed fast paced story that is well thought out and easy to follow with a good flow…

I like how Stewart has created a captivating plot with vivid imagery and well described scenes that transports the reader to the warm plains of Greece. I also like how Stewart has taken aspects from the well known story of beauty and the beast and created her own twist!

The character development of Beauty and the Reclusive Millionaire is ok. The characters are interesting and relatable. There is a sense of good Banter and ease between each character. The chemistry between Catherine and Alaric is slowly built and rolls of them both in waves!

I would recommend reading Beauty and the Reclusive Millionaire to lovers of Mills & Boons, Harlequin Romance and Contemporary Romance, as it is a character driven that has tension and emotional drama through out. The reader experiences the Greek heat as the story of Catherine and Alaric focuses redemption, forgiveness and love!

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