Claiming the Ferrington Empire

Secrets Behind the Billionaire’s Return, #1

Genre: Mills & Boons, Harlequin Romance, Contemporary Romance

The man she never forgot…The feelings she never lost…

Sixteen years ago, Felicity fell in love with the boy from Ferrington Manor. But their affair was short-lived when Sebastian vanished and she was left with the secret consequence of their love. Now he’s back and his return sends shock waves through Felicity! Will the revelations about Sebastian’s departure be enough for Felicity to succumb to the feelings that still draw her to him? 

Kindle Edition

209 pages

Published 14th April 2022

(Mills & Boon/Harlequin Romance)

First Impression

Secrets Behind the Billionaire’s Return is set in the 3rd person. The alternate viewpoint of Sebastian Dubois and Felicity Gardner are given.

The reader is introduced to the action straight away by Sebastian. Sebastian sat in his car, staring at the high gates ahead of him, they seemed just as hostile as they had been 16 years ago. Clutching the key fob tightly, he thought about the past…The Ferrington estate, the family home had stood empty for the past year and he was going to renovate it to become part of the Dubois hotel chain. Putting key fob in the glove compartment he reverses and pulls away…

I am looking forward to reading Secrets Behind the Billionaire’s Return and can’t wait to find out what happens next!

Rating: 3 out of 4.

Secrets Behind the Billionaire’s Return is a detailed fast paced story that captivates the reader from the first page.

I like how Stewart has created an engaging plot by using vivid imagery. The writing style is easy to follow, with a good mixture of dialogue and description

The character development of Secrets Behind the Billionaire’s Return is good. The characters are likeable and interesting, each has their own personilities.

Felicity is a strong and independant person, after the love of her life (Sebastian) left her…some weeks later she found that she was expecting his child. With the help and support of her grandmother she moved on and raise their daughter to become a good person…

Sebastian left the manor suddenly alongside his brother, Theo and mother to escape his grandfather who was a tyrant…With their grandfathers death both Sebastian and Theo are heirs to Ferrington Manor. 16 years have past and they are both billionaires of a hotel chain. Will he be able to make amends for the past? The chemistry between Sebastian and Felicity is passionate and heated.

I would strongly recommend reading Secrets Behind the Billionaire’s Return to lovers of Mills & Boon/Harlequin Romance and Contemporary Romance, as it is a character driven emotion tale filled with heartwarming scenes, shocks, tragedy, and true love as we follow the character as they seek their HEA…


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